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The Yornon Calendar

The Gizmos has gone through several different forms of calendar over the centuries. Amongst the first calendars to be implemented widely was the Yornon Calendar. A Huskan Theorist by the name of Yorno developed this calendar based on a system of one hundred. On this calendar, there were one hundred seconds in a minute, one hundred minutes in an hour, one hundred hours in a day, so on and so forth. This system was very inefficient as it truly did not even reflect the rising and setting of the sun. In this system, the time 1400 could be in the middle of the sun's travel across the sky one day while the next could see the sun setting. This system was quickly replaced by other systems.

The Quok Calendar

This calendar was created by a famous Gizian mathematician by the name of Q'Uok. She measured the sun's travels across the sky down to decimal places and placed these appropriately into a calendar. This system, while perfectly accurate, was a complete failure in necessary ease. Q'Uok measured the day to being 27 hours long. That was as simple as the Quok Calendar got. In this calendar, 59.12 seconds were in a minute and 71.2 minutes were in an hour. This exact measurement found by the mathematician was widely used for much longer than the Yornon Calendar though no where near as long as the Rokarl Calendar has been in place for.

The Rokarl Calendar

The yearly calendar that has ended up being adopted into the entire Gizmos was developed approximately 10,000 years ago by the Gizian Scholar, Rok'Kiyarl. Currently the Gizmos is in the year 11231 AR. This system's time is simple to use, there are 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. It has been determined that Gizkan, the Gizian homeworld, takes 312 days to travel around its sun. Thus there are 312 days in a Gizian Year. The Rokarl Calendar has been implemented and used throughout the Gizmos, and likely will not be changed anytime soon.

This calendar has two parts, it was actually created in the first year following the First Galactic Rebellion. Before this mark, years proceeded back starting at zero with the year marking the end of the First Galactic Rebellion, these years are labeled as BR; Before Rebellion. The ones following are labeled as AR; After Rebellion.

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