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Throughout the Gizmos, there are many different dimensions of existence. Our scientists have worked to uncover these alternate dimensions and have recently, with the addition of magic, been able to penetrate the boundaries set between the planes by the lakwonl. These planes are accessible at certain times and places and under special circumstances. Since their existence has been proven, there are theories about whether or not these gouges between the planes may have been the cause of many mysterious disappearances. This document provides a description of each plane that has been discovered thus far.

The Lakwonl City

The Golden City in the Clouds. The lakwonl "homeworld" is another plane of existence, similar to the mortal world, which contains a glorious, bright, and golden city. The lakwonl city is a mind- and eye-bending place of impossible turns, gravity-defying structures, and the lakwonl, of course. There are many buildings in the lakwonl world, each the abode of a lakwonl and only present when the lakwonl that owns it is present. It is a maze of staircases and bridges and it is not uncommon for a visitor to end up walking upside down, traveling to their destination. There are four gates in the city, at each gate is a rift that allows visitors to leave the lakwonl city.

The Void

Magic Sources

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