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Access to Magic Schools were only recently gained by the majority of the Gizmos as part of a gift by the Lakwonl in order to aid in the fight against Zorangul. The study of magic has gone slow as it is highly unpredictable and no one has any idea of a means to fully control it yet. Despite this, there have been many advances in magical studies in recent years. It has been discovered that there are seven schools of magic and they were discovered in this order: Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, Earth, Life, and Death.



The school of Fire magic was originally embraced by the Arcwenta. An elder by the name of Btit of the Three Ring Tribe stumbled upon this school shortly after magic was made available in the Gizmos. He had actually been trying to start a fire in his hut in the middle of winter when he found himself able to access the magic source for Fire. As he trained other members of his tribe in the access and use of Fire, he would be heard telling his students that they needed to reach out and grasp the sun, wrestle it to the ground, and force it through a tunnel (It was later discovered these tunnels would be made using Air) to do as they commanded.

Fire is unpredictable. Prodded the right way, it can flare up and scorch everything around, or it could also fade away. Of the basic schools, Fire is the most difficult to master because of this great variability but it is also the most deadly, especially when mixed with the other schools.

A few spells using mainly Fire as their source are the Fireball, where the caster creates a ball of flame surrounded by Air to keep it together and from burning out; the Grenade, which involves taking Earth and pumping fire into it for many casters, while some prefer to encase Earth and Fire in a ball of Air and others find simply lacing the outside of the Earth to be most effective, this is one of the various ways that Fire can be unpredictable.


The school of Water magic surfaced in the volcanic regions of Charee where the Firest live. A small group of Firest were out hunting when they came across a strange cave covered in ice, this cave had two rivers of lava on either side. When investigating this cave, they discovered a fountain of water and a strange graceful feeling in the room. One of the party was an adept with Fire and he picked up on the magical properties to the feeling. This firest adept, by the name of Ymick of the Ashen Staff Tribe, prodded at the fountain with his Fire magic causing a strange creature to arise from the pool at the fountain's bottom, this creature was serpentine with water and fire twirling around its body, it had a head of water and two fiery fangs. This excerpt was taken from the diary of one of the firest in the party:

"... We watched Ymick send a stream of fire into the pillar of water in the room, we were blinded by a bright light and heard a loud hissing sound, when we could see again, Ymick was backed up to a wall with this strange serpent of water and fire hissing at him. We made a move to attack it but Ymick waved us away. I could see sweat breaking on his fur as he was straining with something, suddenly the large creature bowed its head and moved into a protective stance around Ymick."

This creature later became known as a Fan'nick, meaning Fiery Water from the Firest language. Ymick was unable to do much with this new found Water magic and found an adept from the Alquno named Tuskl Tor'Mokin, the two worked together to research the Water school, Ymick kept the fan'nick at his side until the day he died.

In order to make use of the Water school one must be graceful. Of the four basic elements, Water is the second easiest to manage as if you are graceful enough, you can do anything you wish with it.

A few spells that use mainly Water magic to cast are the Water Fountain, where the caster creates a fountain of water to trap an enemy or to assist in getting to a hard to reach location, the Water Fountain is made with either Water and Air or Water and Earth; the Frost Bolt, made using Water and Air, you flow freezing Air around the Water to freeze it and then fire it at something.


Air flows swiftly and peacefully most times, though it can be whipped up to devastating powers. Air was first discovered by the roagon and determined to be




An underlying school of magic was discovered by a young firest priest exploring the gift of the Lakwonl by the name of Nik Mwawnt. This school of magic became known as Life. Life is the fundamental school that allows for the creation and manipulation of the basic schools.


Shortly after the discovery of Life, a seventh school was discovered by Nik Mwawnt's younger brother, Vvowk Mwawnt, who caused the entire facility to erupt in scorching flames that leveled the research building in a matter of seconds. This school became known as Death. It was not documented officially until a year later by an alquno by the name of Tyfin Watlor, she was one of the first priestesses to investigate the fire and noticed the strange properties of the magic remnants from the destruction. She spent many months trying to find the same properties in the Magic Source but was unable to until the night the High Priest of her temple died in a similar fiery way. She managed to contain the inferno and that is when she noticed the same properties and traced them back to its source, here is an excerpt from her research notes describing this:

"... It was a dark presence, it gave my body a sort of oily black feel, when I reached out to grasp the source I felt a cold chill and my neckhair rose. This magic was hidden on the very edge of the rest of the school sources, surrounding them and always threatening to devour them, the other magics gave a feeling of a warm sun and cool water, a gentle breeze and soft grass, Life was pure bliss, but this black cloud was the death of those, a storm raging and chaos brewing. I quickly withdrew, realizing this is not something to be handled lightly..."

After Tyfin's death six years later, a visiting gizian by the name of Nor'Rowoh came across the alquno's research notes and began to investigate the school himself. He continued writing in the same journal Tyfin had used. Within two weeks of returning to his duty aboard the Z.G.F. Klimore, Rowoh became fatally ill and the ship's entire crew soon came down with the same symptoms. It was another two weeks before Techship 18432 - Roazk went to investigate and found the deceased gizian's notes, describing his first and last interaction with Death magic:

"I searched the Magical Sources for hours, trying to locate this strange source I read about in this research journal. As I was about to give up, I noticed a dark presence at the edge of my vision, I turned to find what it was only to discover nothing was there. I began to withdraw from the Magical Sources when I felt my consciousness latched onto and pulled back into the Sources, I felt myself swung throughout the pools and watched as they all spun together, Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, Earth, and Life became one in a sea of black chaos. Waves of powerful energy tossed and beckoned, I felt promises with each wave of unlimited power and glory as well as knives slid into my back as they joined the churning black mass again. The immense power called to me, begging for me to just taste it and telling me that with a single taste, I would have power above even the fabled lakwonl. I once again tried to leave this nightmarish realm. I struggled against the strong grips and seductions of the chaos, finally breaking free of the unseen forces keeping me there. I fled in fear, the outraged roars of the black chaos hard on my heels. It was several hours before I was able to move my body again and I am writing this entry as a warning, I feel the chaos of this Death school draining at me rapidly. I am dying, but this must be written..."

Death magic is a dark and very difficult power to work with. As Life is good, Death is evil, and Death magic could decide to kill the caster, the target, or even both. Death magic is one that should never be used lightly, especially in experimentation. While the caster opens themselves up to Water, Air, and Life magic and grabs Fire, Lightning, and Earth; the caster must sacrifice a portion of their life to the magic to use Death.

An example of a Death school spell is Rippling Chaos. The caster decides what elements to thrust into the Death magic as it ripples outwards, the more magic fed into the abyssal magic, the more damage it does and further it goes. This spell has the capability of utterly destroying the strongest of foes in a single blast; however the amount of Death magic the caster must pull in gives them a 50% chance of incinerating themselves and their allies.

Magical Sources

The Magical Sources exist as an alternate plane of existence, magic users occasionally find themselves able to access and walk along the lands; however, it is a logical existence, meaning that it is physical and yet it is only a realm of the mind as well. Traveling on the Sources allows the visitor to travel from one location to another quickly in the Gizmos, as each school's Source is associated (and thus strongest) with a large section of the Gizmos. To travel the Sources requires absolute concentration. Each Source is separate from the rest though with a well-placed spell, one may slip from one Source to the next easily. The Sources do not have a definite shape and are sculpted from a traveler's thoughts, a stray thought could be fatal.

A mortal is never wise to travel the Sources physically. Just traveling them mentally is fatal enough, but to enter the Sources physically is to beg for death. The Sources are believed by some to be the home of the Lakwonl as one accesses the Sources in a similar manner as they do the Lakwonl Power. A few GWCs suggest that the Lakwonl's presence in their section of the Sources keeps the area intact, while a few others theorize that the Sources and the Lakwonl Power are entirely separate dimensions, intertwined so deeply with our own dimension that a select few are able to commune with these alternate dimensions.

Lakwonl Power

Magic Users

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