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Ancient Speech: An old language, long lost, that the Gizian Empire used long before even the first calendar was created.

Gizdom: Another term for Gizian Empire.

Gizmos: Simply what the Gizians refer to as the universe.

GWC: Gizian Wampo Corporation. The GWC was originally an independent corporation created by Wampo'Lork for the purpose of research and development for other corporations. The corporation was led by several generations of the Wampo clan before eventually Wampo'Lork'III began to deal with the Gizian military. The GWC began to create vastly superior products for the Gizian military that eventually the entire corporation was absorbed by the military as part of the drunken decision of Wampo'Lork'IV. That change was irreversible as Wampo'Lork'IV died only a few hours later of alcohol poisoning, leaving no other descendants to carry on the Gizian Wampo Corporation. The GWC was made up of groups of scientists that the rest of society found too insane to allow them to do such work, the GWC scooped up these scientists, allowing them to continue their passion in a relatively safe and supervised facility. The GWCs as these scientists became known as were not inhibited by the morales that other scientists held to allowing them to create many fascinating and deadly inventions. When the Gizian Wampo Corporation was absorbed into the military, these GWCs created individual groups aboard many ships and continued their craft, while others created entire colonies just for their research. The GWCs are often referred to in a derogatory manner as the Gizians in White Coats mainly because of the common occurrence of a GWC being dragged away in a straight jacket.

Krak Tyalen Fola: An older phrase from the Ancient Speech of the Gizdom that simply means May the Gizdom Reign Supreme.

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