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This is the Wiki for Zim's Gizmos MMORPG. Here all data gathered for the game is housed.

Why We Bother

We are a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize the gaming community. All of us here at Zim's Gizmos have become rather disgusted with the lack of quality gameplay on the market now. Things are simply too easy and boring, but that is what we seek to change. We miss the days when one could spend hours on a single game without ever experiencing a moment of boredom. A time when the only thing games had to go on were gameplay and the general public would not spend their money simply because the game is "pretty". This is our goal as an organization and this is our promise.

Zim's Gizmos, as a non-profit organization, will bring great games to the market. Games that will challenge one's mind and skill. This wiki is here to some of our more "final" ideas. No ideas found here are by any means final though, everything is open for change to a more sensible change. Simply post any suggested changes on the forums!

We want you to get out your opinions out on what YOU think the gaming community needs. We want input and you have it, so please do not hesitate to share your input on the forums!

What Goes?

So long as it is appropriate, we will typically accept it. Just follow the simple golden rule: "If you wouldn't show it to your grandma, don't show it here!"

Krak Tyalen Fola!

May the Gizdom reign supreme and enjoy your stay!

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